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Warm up with our hot water heaters

Shivering at the thought of another cold shower? Get in touch with us today for your hot water heater. Prestige Home Heating Service has been successfully keeping you in warm water since 1996. Our hot water heaters feature mixing valves that ensure a constant safe temperature for all your hot water needs. Your health and safety matter to us!


Certified by major manufacturers you can count on our hot water heater services. Get a new water heater installed for your home so that you get all the hot water you need. Our technicians will make sure that your water runs hot when you want it to.

Stay warm, happy, and comfortable

Get in touch with us today for free estimates. We have the latest technology and are always updated on local codes. Our efficient technicians will always make sure that you have a safe hot water supply whenever you need.

Brands we Recommend

 •  Bock

 •  A.O. Smith

Your hot water specialists

Did you know the lifespan of a hot water heater is 10-15  years? If yours is older than that call and have one of our technicians evaluate your water heater. Even though your hot water heater looks ok, what's inside of it could be detrimental to you and your family's health. Our knowledgeable, efficient, and certified technicians will provide you with high-quality hot water repairs and installations.

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You should have as much hot water as you want

Keeping your water hot


18 year old hot water heater that customer believed had no issues